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    Default All posters please read - CBR Forum Guidelines

    The following are general guidelines and points of interest in regard to behaviour here at the Comic Book Resources Forums. It should be noted that these are only general guidelines and not specific rules and regulations. In other words, Moderator discretion is always in effect and Moderators are not present to enforce rules but instead to keep their respective forums running smoothly in whatever manner they see fit. Each Moderator has their own style in regard to running their board; some will be more relaxed than others. Similarly, different Moderators will have various degrees of what theyíre prepared to put up with in regard to what is posted on their boards as well as what actions they take to keep their boards running smoothly.
    In all cases, a Moderatorís word is final and their decisions should be heeded.

    * Users of the forums should, at all times, be civil to each other. Personal insults are not welcome or tolerated.
    * Threats to other users will most likely result in an automatic ban.
    * Impersonating other users or comic book professionals with malicious intent is strictly unacceptable.
    * Possessing multiple CBR Forums accounts is heavily frowned upon. Multiple accounts may be banned or merged without warning.
    * Any user found to be attempting to circumvent an existing ban will be automatically re-banned from the forums.
    * Spam messages, be it in a post or private message, are not allowed. This includes links to EBay auctions.
    * Please be aware of copyright laws. The unlawful reproduction/posting of copyrighted materials is unacceptable. As a general guideline, no more than 3 pages of any one comic should be posted.

    If unacceptable behaviour is encountered then appropriate actions will be taken by the Moderators. These actions include, but are not limited to, temporary and/or permanent banning from the forums. Again, a Moderatorís word is final and their decisions should be heeded.

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    Default A note about linking and posting manga and anime

    We have noticed a trend of linking to sites that have scans of manga and anime clips that are not from the original Japanese publisher or from a licensed translator publisher.

    CBR has rules against linking to copyrighted material.

    Copyrighted Material

    To offset any possible legal concerns, Forum members must keep copyright issues in mind during their time at the CBR Forums. No more than three pages of any given issue should be posted at any one time (which should be plenty for review purposes). The posting of links to or about illegally shared comic book content is not allowed
    This means you are free to discuss the issues but post no link to sites containing them. We are okay with a page or two from a book. But they must not be from a scans site

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    I'm getting tired of having to repeat that linking to illegal hosting sites is forbidden when Brandon already specifically posted about it in this section of the forum.

    From now on, anyone who links to such a site, or seems to be advertising it, is getting a warning, and bans will follow if the behavior continues.

    Uploading images to Imageshack or Photobucket takes about fourty seconds. There is no reason why you would need to link to the sites.
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