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    Quote Originally Posted by End of Time View Post
    HCT is such an incomprehensible story, especially that last issue, a normal person couldn't make heads or tails of what was happening, or why it was happening. You needed some doped out fanboy to explain it online... a theory that was copy-pasted to all the message boards with people pretending they came up with it, acting all smug.

    It was like Inland Empire, where you had the devoted Lynch-licker step out and cry "It's brilliant!" not because of the story or the twists and turns... but because it's incomprehensible, and that makes the people who say they got it and then spout pretentious post-modernistic crap about transcendalism and other weird shit with fancy names, just to hide the fact that they didn't get it either.
    I didn't find it incomprehensible at all, it was pretty straight forward. Future X-Men vs Sublimed (cokehead) Beast, Jean's reborn, taken advantage of, she elevates fully, cuts off the future by changing the past. Easy.

    I mean, there were some more open ended segments and non-linear elements with the Phoenix/time stuff, but even that wasn't too tough. I liked Morrison's more open-to-interpretation framing of things, it made the homage feel extra Claremontian.

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    Joe Casey and Chuck Austen.

    Bad stories, bad concepts, rarely good art, lack of a focused cast and all with in the longest running X-title.

    It drove Uncanny into the gutters and only is becoming the flagship because they Astonishing is always delayed and X-Men became a solo title.

    Hell X-Treme was a more important (and I think much better) book during this time.

    Claremonts return prior to X-Treme was awlful as well, but he hardly the creator to have done the most harm since he help build most of it. Plus that run didn't last that long.

    It seems like they let Austen stay for years and never cared that the book sucked. When adding Juggernaut to the team is the most interesting thing being done there is something wrong.

    Don't get me started on Husk and Angel. And Angel's lame secondary mutation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian M. View Post
    I promise the leading person will be Austen, I'm not saying him but I think the hate for him still lingers strong. I have a feeling Claremont will be up there too even though I love the man.
    Yes! What a find. I never knew Brian M was a fellow CC fan.


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