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    Exclamation Your Guide to the Classic Comics Board

    Welcome, one and all, to the Classic Comics Forum!

    This is CBR's forum for discussing the comics of the past. For our purposes, the terms "classic" and "comics" can be interpreted rather broadly. Classic is defined as anything more than two years old, although in practice, most of the discussion here centers around comics which are older than that. If you want to discuss current comics, please visit one of CBR's other fine forums. Comics includes not only comic books, but also comic strips and even political cartoons or magazine cartoons.

    Overall, the rules of this forum are the same rules that you agreed to when you registered for the CBR forums. There are a few guidelines I would like you to follow, though:

    1. Always be civil. You can disagree with your fellow posters' opinions without attacking them personally. Flaming and other rude behavior will not be tolerated.
    2. This forum is for discussing comics, not selling comics. That is what eBay is for.

    Two notes on this point:
    a) I don't mind if you discuss eBay auctions in general, though if such discussions become untopical, they may be moved to the Community Board.
    b) If you are working on a commercial website or publication that is related to classic comics, then you may discuss your product, but please do not advertise it (i.e. openly urge people to buy it).

    Finally, some links that you may find useful: no longer works, but can be accessed through

    Happy posting!
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