The thing I like best about reading classic JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY and MIGHTY THOR is seeing the many uses that Thor's Hammer can be placed to. That thing seems better than a hundred Swiss Army Knives. Ironically, Thor's Hammer has done everything but actually press nails. What feats has Thor's Hammer been used to perform?

During the first battle with the Absorbing Man, Thor was able to whirl his hammer at "cyclotronic speeds" that transmuted elements, turning the Absorbing Man to helium. (Apparently, the Absorbing Man in his many forms can maintain atomic cohesion, explaining why a passing breeze didn't cut him in half.) Also during that battle, he used his Hammer to tap into the city's electrical grid and use the electricity against Creel.

Thor has always been able to whirl his hammer fast enough to travel through time and between dimensions, but during the battle with the aptly named Rigellian Indestructible, Thor was able to whirl his hammer so fast that it actually acquired "atomic heat."

I'd have to look it up, but there are occasions where that Hammer has shot bursts of flame and absorbed energy.

Thor's hammer also can be used as a "dowsing rod" for magic, at least of the Asgardian kind; he was able to "home in" on the Norn Stones after the Trial of the Gods, his "hammer adjusting in mid-flight."

Thor, like all Asgardian divinities, seemed to have an ability to induce forgetfulness in mortals; he used this on Jane Foster a number of times, but the more spectacular use of this ability was made by Balder, who made an entire city block forget the presence of the Enchantress and the Executioner during the "Trial of the Gods."