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    Anyone interested in my Ultraviolet digital copy of Prometheus? I used the iTunes copy, but not the ultra violet copy. Tried to put on ebay, but it seems "digital codes only" are against ebay policy PM me if interested and we can work something out.

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    Looking for Daredevil visionaries 1-3 Frank miller
    Waid DD hardcover 1-4

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Dog View Post
    Just completed a trade with CFurney80 - great communication, very easy to work with and everything came in looking brand new! Highly recommend trading with - thanks Chris!
    I can say the same for big dog. Great trade and communication.

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    Hi everyone.
    I'm looking to complete Waid's run on Daredevil. I'm missing issues 2, 3, 4, 8 and 9.
    I have a first edition AvX #0 and 1, the full run so far of Batgirl, and Batman, Catwoman issues in the new52, as well as the current run of Hawkeye. I've also got the full 16 issue run of Zatanna.
    Please PM me if you're interested and I can give you a more detailed list of the comics and TPB's I've got.
    Thank you!
    DC: Batman, Earth-2
    Marvel: Daredevil

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    have a bunch of comixology codes through email
    accepting mostly steam games or other comics
    contact me at:
    for a full list
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    I am looking for batman thrillkiller.

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    Here is a list of some things available for trade...I have more. Just email me if interested.
    > > Green Lantern vol 1 (New 52) HC
    > > Batman Noel HC
    > > Runaways vol 1 Pride and Joy HC
    > > Green River Killer HC
    > > Jonah Hex: No Way Back HC
    > > Superman Last Son HC
    > > Sixth Gun vol 1 TPB
    > > Infinite Crisis TPB
    > > Star Wars: Boba Fett Death Lies & Treachery TPB
    > > Wolverine: Logan TPB
    > > Marvels TPB
    > > Strange Girl: Complete Series in limited edition slipcase--TPB
    > > Girls: The Complete Collection TPB
    Also have some single issues as well
    The massive #1 1st print
    Conan the barbarian #1 1st print Brian wood
    Secret #1 1st print
    It girl and the atomics #1 1st print

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    Catman_3's Trade List
    New Stuff In Red

    Action Comics(2011)#1(1st print)
    Green Lantern(2011)#1(1st print)
    Superman(2011)#1(1st print)

    New Deadwardians(2012) #1,2,3
    Saucer Country #1,2,3

    AVX vs #1 -6
    Destroyer(MAX) 1-5
    Fantastic Four #600
    Fantastic Four #1(MarvelNow)
    FF #1(MarvelNow)
    X-Men Legacy #1,2(MarvelNow)

    Archie Comics
    Archie # 627,628,628,630(Archie Meets KISS)

    Hoax Hunters #1

    Sherlock Holmes Year One #1
    Spider #1C(Franco Francavilla )

    Green Lantern Secret Origin (2011 Movie Cover)
    Uncanny X-Men: Dark Phoenix Saga(Marvel/2006)

    The Shadow#1(Dynamite 2012 Alex Ross cover)
    Justice Leauge Dark #3,4,5
    Ghost #2(2012 Alex Ross Cover)

    If you see something you like,PM me and maybe we can work out a trade,thanks!
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    Greetings, folks. I've made a few great trades on these boards over the last few months, and I also have 100% positive eBay and Amazon Marketplace feedback, both as bigbadvoodoolou, if you want to check up on me. Send me a PM if you see anything you like and want to work something out!

    ***Updated 02.10.13***

    Comics and TPBs for trade:

    Adventures of Captain America #1-4 (prestige format; inspiration for movie; signed by Kevin Maguire)
    Amazing Spider-Man #284-289 ("Gang War" with Punisher/Daredevil/Falcon/Black Cat and Hobgoblin reveal), 365 (hologram), 583 (President Obama), 666 (Coliseum of Comics variant)
    Atomic Robo 2009, 2011 FCBD editions
    Avengers 2009 FCBD edition (Brian Bendis)
    Avengers: Infinity Quest one-shot (Brian Bendis)
    Batman/Hellboy/Starman #1-2 (James Robinson/ Mike Mignola)
    Batman: The Ten-Cent Adventure (signed by Greg Rucka)
    Blackhawk #1-3 (signed by Howard Chaykin; prestige format/mature readers)
    Blue Beetle #1-6 (pre-DCnU series w/Jaime Reyes)
    Booster Gold #26-27 (Blackest Night)
    Captain America: Rebirth one-shot
    Captain America/Thor: The Mighty Fighting Avengers 2011 FCBD edition
    Catwoman #14 (New 52)
    Children's Crusade #1-2 (Neil Gaiman)
    Comico Black Book (Grendel; Matt Wagner)
    Daredevil: The Man Without Fear hardcover (Frank Miller)
    Dark Avengers Vol. 1-2 TPBs (Brian Bendis)
    DC Kids FCBD edition
    EC Comics Sampler 2008 FCBD edition
    Elektra Saga #1-4 (Frank Miller)
    Everyman graphic novel (Mike Allred)
    Extreme Justice #0-4
    Fantastic Four #1 (second series; Jim Lee)
    Flash: Terminal Velocity TPB (Mark Waid)
    Ghost Rider #1 (signed by Mark Texeira and Javier Saltares)
    Godland #16
    Green Hornet FCBD edition
    Hawaiian Dick #1-3 (all signed by B. Clay Moore and Steven Griffin)
    Hellboy: The Third Wish #1-2, The Corpse #1, Wolves Of St. August #1, The Fury #1
    Identity Disc #1-5 (homage to The Usual Suspects, only with Marvel villains including Deadpool and Bullseye)
    Invincible Iron Man Vol. 1: The Five Nightmares TPB, #1 (promo) (Matt Fraction)
    Iron Man/Nova FCBD edition
    Irredeemable FCBD edition (Mark Waid)
    Justice League: A Midsummer's Nightmare TPB (lead-in to Morrison's JLA series)
    Justice League International Special #2 (Huntress)
    Justice League OF America #100 (Bronze Age; JSA/Seven Soldiers)
    Legends TPB
    Marvels Project OHC (Ed Brubaker)
    Mr. Majestic TPB (Joe Casey/Alan Moore)
    New X-Men Ultimate Collection Vol. 1-3 TPBs (the entire run by Grant Morrison)
    Nextwave Vol. 1-2 TPBs (Warren Ellis)
    Power and Glory #1-4 (Howard Chaykin)
    Pryde and Wisdom #1-3 (signed by Terry Dodson)
    Pulse: Vol. 1-2 TPBs (Brian Bendis)
    Punisher #1 ('80s ongoing)
    Punisher War Journal #1 ('80s)
    Punisher War Zone #1 ('80s)
    Queen and Country: Declassified #1-3 (Greg Rucka)
    Red Rocket 7 #1-7 (Mike Allred; oversized)
    Sandman: Endless Nights Preview (Neil Gaiman)
    Scene of the Crime #1-4 (Ed Brubaker; signed by Michael Lark)
    Secret Wars #1
    Sensational Spider-Man #0
    Sentry TPB (introductory miniseries by Paul Jenkins/Jae Lee)
    Seven Soldiers of Victory #0 (Grant Morrison)
    Shadow: Blood and Judgment #1-4 (Howard Chaykin)
    Sixth Gun FCBD edition
    Spartan: Warrior Spirit #1-4 (Kurt Busiek)
    Spawn #1, 9 (Neil Gaiman)
    Spider-Man #26 (hologram)
    Spider-Man's Tangled Web #4 (signed by Greg Rucka), 14 (a story about the wrestler that Peter Parker faced early in his career; co-written by wrestler Scott "Raven" Levy), 21 (Darwyn Cooke)
    Starman #1 (Will Payton version)
    Stormwatch #11 (final issue of 2nd series that leads directly into The Authority) (Warren Ellis)
    Super Dinosaur 2011 FCBD edition
    Team One: WildC.A.T.s #1-2 (James Robinson)
    Thunderbolts Presents: Zemo: Born Better TPB
    Transformers: Rodimus vs. Cyclonus promo (from Hasbro toy 2-pack)
    Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #11 (Chynna Clugston-Major; cute manga-inspired art with Ultimate Spider-Man and X-Men at the mall)
    Vertigo Pop: Tokyo #1-4 (Seth Fisher)
    Vertigo Rave #1
    Vertigo Visions: The Geek (Mike Allred)
    Vertigo X #1
    Web of Spider-Man #18 (1st appearance of Eddie Brock/Venom)
    WildC.A.T.s #15-20 (James Robinson)
    Wildcats #1 (4th series; Grant Morrison/Jim Lee)
    World's Funnest special (hilarious)
    X-Factor (1st series) #41-42 (Art Adams), 67-68 (signed by Art Thibert)

    DVDs for trade:
    An Evening with Kevin Smith (two discs; generic case)
    From Paris With Love
    Kiss of the Dragon
    The Lost Boys
    Superman Vol. 1-2 (all the beautiful art deco-style Max Fleischer animated shorts from the '40s)
    Van Helsing

    I also have a few Justice League Unlimited and Buffy action figures, a Transformer or two, a small collection of Snoopy PVC figurines from the early '80s, and random other items for trade listed here:

    Grendel Halloween mask (includes elastic band and ribbons; action figure not included):

    And a custom-printed Jamie Madrox/Multiple Man T-shirt in XL that has NEVER BEEN WORN:


    Toys and Collectibles I want:
    Justice League Unlimited action figures: Heatwave, Blackhawk
    HeroClix: Oracle
    DC Direct action figures: Black Lantern Blue Beetle
    Eaglemoss lead figurines: Starman (or even just the magazine)
    Simpsons World of Springfield action figures: Comic Book Guy

    TPBs and Comics I want:
    Madman Atomic Comics Vol. 2 TPB
    Sandman Vol. 5-10 TPBs
    Fatale Vol. 2 TPB
    Plastic Man Vol. 1-2 TPBs
    Immortal Iron Fist Vol. 3-4 TPBs
    Grendel Omnibus Vol. 1 TPB
    Gotham Central Book 4 TPB
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    Will Trade
    Spider-Man: Big Time
    Venom: Deathtrap
    The Courtyard by Alan Moore
    Neonomicon by Alan Moore

    Would consider swap for any Superman, X-Men, Wolverine, Image titles but if you don't have any of them and want to trade then let me know what you have as will consider even figures, clothes etc.

    If anyone is put off by the postage as they are in America or Canada, if i want to swap i don't mind paying the postage, i can paypal you it before hand for you to use.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Bad Voodoo Lou View Post
    And a custom-printed Jamie Madrox/Multiple Man T-shirt in XL that has NEVER BEEN WORN:
    Want this t-shirt so bad

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muldwych View Post
    Want this t-shirt so bad
    E-mail me at saxman2 AT . We can work something out, I have no doubt of it. It's 100% clean, and I swear I've never worn it once.

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    Looking for the Claremont Lee Xmen Omnibuses

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    - Avengers vs X-Men (digital code that came with the OHC)
    - Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 TPBs #1-8
    - Daredevil Vol. 2 - Bendis - Omnibus (new, in shrinkwrap)
    - Fantastic Four Omnibus Vol. 1 (White spine one - not in mint condition)
    - Fantastic Four Vol. 2 OHC (Waid)
    - Flash Omnibus #3 (new, sealed - misprint version, probably)
    - Ghost Rider Omnibus - Jason Aaron (new, in shrinkwrap)
    - Punisher Max OHC #5 (new, in shrinkwrap)
    - Punisher Max OHC #4
    - Punisher (Marvel Knights) #3 OHC (new, sealed)
    - Punisher Omnibus - Garth Ennis (new, sealed)
    - Ultimate X-Men OHC #5 (new, sealed)
    - Uncanny X-Men Omnibus Vol. 1 (Gil Kane cover)
    - Walking Dead Compendium #1
    - Walking Dead Omnibus #1-2 (second print - both sealed - #2 has damage to slipcase, though)
    - Walking Dead Omnibus #3 (some minor wear)
    - Wolverine Omnibus - Jason Aaron

    Want (all are oversized hardcovers or omnibus or absolute)
    - Absolute Authority #1 and #2
    - Absolute Danger Girl
    - Absolute Hush*
    - Absolute League of Extraordinary Gentlemen #1,2
    - Daredevil Frank Miller Omnibus (yellow cover)
    - Deadpool Suicide Kings OHC*
    - Fray Hardcover (signed version)
    - Immortal Iron Fist Omnibus
    - New Avengers OHC #1-7 (only if I can get all 7 in one trade)
    - Untold Tales of Spider-man Omnibus*
    - Walking Dead OHC #1-8 (only if I can get all 8 in one trade)
    - Young Avengers OHC*
    * low priority wants
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    Anyone interested in Dawn tpb's and comics?


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