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    Default The State of BOOM! With Filip Sablik and Matt Gagnon - Part 1

    BOOM! Studios' Matt Gagnon and Filip Sablik have an in-depth discussion about the publisher's strategy for attracting new readers while expanding the industry.

    Full article here.

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    I hate interviews like this. They hint at all these upcoming projects but wont tell you what they are. Its always "to be announced later". I'm an American. I need instantanous gratification. That's why I use ATMs and eat fast food! Just tell meeeeee! I am looking forward to May's "The Woods".
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    You've incorrectly labelled your Hexed article image as being by by Fiona Staples even though you correctly identify the artist as Emma Rios in the body of the article.

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    Gregory's Planet of the Apes may be my #1 favorite series of the past 5 years, and Hellraiser isn't far behind. Here's hoping that Nightbreed is up to the same quality.

    As a huge Robocop fan, I hope someone will finally do right by the character. The 23-issue marvel series was great, as was Robocop vs Terminator, but everything since has been mediocre to awful (especially the dynamite stuff which was virtually unreadable).
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    'Big Trouble in Little China' and 'Nightbreed' have me intrigued ... I might check them out.

    btw Just thinking out loud here ... If they wanted to, BOOM! could try to make a comic book series out of Ralph Bakshi's short-lived HBO cartoon 'Spicy City' ... I've always thought that would make an awesome comic book


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