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    Default Stevenson & Ellis Camp Out with "Lumberjanes," Battle "No Girls Allowed" Attitude

    Grace Ellis and Noelle Stevenson discuss "Lumberjanes" and the importance of tearing down the metaphorical "No Girls Allowed" signs from comic stores.

    Full article here.

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    That was an interesting interview and there is a lot there. I have a few of takeaways:
    1. We need more female creators, and we need to get there books sold in places where females and other fans who are not crawling out of their Mom's basement to load up on the next batch of DC books. The description of the LCS is funny and reminds me of what the DC editorial staff is probably like. Female creators will bring greater diversity just by having different experiences and different thoughts about stories and takes on characters. Because of that alone, they will bring more readers who may see something that is different and invigorate readers that are tired of the same stuff.
    2. The point about just getting more female characters out there just to show the span of characteristics females represent, they are slightly over half the population, is interesting and funny at the same time. Females can be written as human beings, not representations of a set of traits or a needed mechanic in a plot. As my anthropology professor loved to say, there is more diversity within a group than there is between groups. By getting more female characters out there, we will get more human beings represented in interesting ways.
    3. I love all age books so am looking forward to this. I am nervous about writers that announce they could be revolutionary. I will be satisified with an entertaining and well done book. The sample pages look fun. If you are revolutionary, then great. But if you follow up on your plan of making a group of dynamic, interesting and diverse kids at a summer camp the way you say it, that alone will put you ahead of the pack of cookie cutter, paint by numbers efforts we often get.
    I saw on Girls with Slingshots that Danielle Corsetto is going to do a variant cover for you. Talk about a chick with loads and loads of talent that could do a killer creator owned comic...If you are friends, talk her into that.
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    i really dig the artstyle, sorta has that adventure time vibe while still being it's own

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    Yeah this looks like it'll be very fun and cool, pretty stoked for it to launch soon! The Midas Flesh (from North/Paroline/Lamb) has been great so far as well, so for me the whole BOOM!BOX line looks like a winner already. :) But let's not get ahead of ourselves haha, bring on the monsters!


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