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    Default Ed Brisson Goes Off the Grid in Image Comics' "Sheltered"

    Bust out your emergency lights and keep an eye on your rations as Ed Brisson tells CBR about the insane new arc of his pre-apocalyptic series, "Sheltered."

    Full article here.

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    Goddamn, I love this comic. I'm always excited to see where its going to go next and its one of those books that anything can happen... its a fresh take being pre-apocalyptic and prepper community focused, rather than being post apocalyptic. Just that small reversal, gives everything a new twist.. who knows what is REALLY happening and being able to play with all the characters mindsets, in and out of Safe Haven, and bounce the viewpoints off each other makes for great story telling and interaction.. SHELTERED really gives off a feeling of something like TWD but with an exciting new feel to it and you can see the potential for this to get bigger over time.
    Congrats to Ed and Johnny on the movie adaptation and its nice to hear that they focus on the book first and foremost and leave the movie stuff to the movie people to seperate the two. Excited to see where this will all lead to!

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    I'm with you^^^, I love this book and easily one of my most anticipated ( along with Snyder's Batman of course)each month. I'm glad that there is a movie adaptation in the works. Mainly because I think that Ed and Johnny have alot of talent and I want them to continue making books. Ed does the lettering for Fuse that just came out and that was a reason I picked it up. I've NEVER bought a book because of the letterer but this time I did; having Ed attached to the book in any way was why.


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