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    Default In Your Face Jam - Feb 12, 2014

    Writer Brett White took away some surprising lessons about comic book culture from a film designed to sell him toys.

    Full article here.

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    I haven't seen The Lego Movie yet - I want to! - but I like your analogy. Taking the analogy one step further, I'd like to enjoy what is being formed by Lego bricks in The New 52. As a fan I'm trying. I am enjoying Aquaman. I didn't see any need to take apart what was built before, just to build something new - but, I guess, essentially, that is the point of Legos, and comics. The ability to build something different every time. Different meaning new and fresh. An interesting way to look at comic books...

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    Some good points, but... Morrison's run really was awful. It presented some good and interesting ideas, yes, but it was overall pretty bad. Creative, sure, but just because you don't follow the instruction manual doesn't mean that you aren't going to end up using your lego pieces to create some abhorrent monstrosity that needs someone to come along and kick it apart. Like New 52, AirDave. There's good in there, to be sure, but you're not enjoying much of it because much of it just plain sucks.

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    Maybe the Pretty Much A Jerk brick will latch onto the Beast one, resulting in some truly literary put-downs.
    Some could argue that that brick has been kraggled to the Beast brick for most of the past year.

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    For me, the biggest screenwriting takeaway from "The Lego Movie" was to not underestimate the audience. This was a film which went in knowing that its audience would have a massive age range and the script was written accordingly, with different levels of humor. Take Benny the Spaceman. For kids, he's just a crazy spaceship-obsessed dude. Their parents, on the other hand, might recognize him as one of the first toys they ever owned and this is his big break. That's not counting all the jokes aimed at long-term fans.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AirDave View Post
    I haven't seen The Lego Movie yet - I want to!
    Me to. Maybe this weekend...
    Pull List; seems to be too long to fit in my sig...

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    Interesting article. I can appreciate the sentiment for New X-men. While I didn't hate it quite as much, I think a lot of people give it more praise than it deserves. And the Lego movie is an appropriate analogy. Sometimes it's okay to just throw some random blocks into the story. But sometimes it goes too far and I think Grant Morrison's run went too far. I think he's not the only one either. I can think of a number of other runs in comics that went way too far and Jeph Loeb was the writer of many of them.
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