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    Default PREVIEW: Captain Action Cat: The Timestream CATastrophe, #1

    THIS is it kids! From the EISNER and HARVEY award winning, New York Times best-selling Famous Cartoonists-Art Baltazar & Franco! The crossover EPIC event of a lifetime! Finally, CAPTAIN ACTION CAT meets ACTION CAT and the characters from AW YEAH COMICS! There is something EVIL out there and EVIL CAT is determined to find it! Even if it means searching throughout the SILVER AGE to do it! Could this blip on the screen be the one known as DOCTOR EVIL CAT?! We bet it is! What will happen when the SILVER AGE and the AW YEAH AGE collide! What does this mean to the time-stream? The fate of the comic world may change forever! PLUS, a mysterious frozen souvenir from the GOLDEN AGE makes a visit! CAPTAIN ACTION CAT is based on the classic Action-Figure Adventure-toy CAPTAIN ACTION! Also crossing over with DARK HORSE COMICS characters such as GHOST, X, CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT, and THE OCCULTIST, this series promises the typical zaniness that the creators of TINY TITANS are known for. True story.

    Full article here.

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    Great team up usage of the other Dark Horse characters. Aw Yeah! Comics are shaping up to be something fun.

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    Like the look of this. I'll put it on my pulllist.

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    heh, this looks like a hoot.

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    Looks like its gonna be good, I will add it to my pull!
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