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    Default IDW Founder Ted Adams Discusses the "Unexpected" Past 15 Years

    CEO and co-founder Ted Adams discusses the evolution of IDW Publishing, which celebrates its 15th anniversary this year.

    Full article here.

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    I like IDW's handling of Transformers and TMNT, by far those are the best comics i have read from any publisher, they have done a great job, one could only wish they could do the same with G.I.joe, with the exception of Cobra, and some issues here and there of the IDW verse comics, they have not succeded in making an epic story that connects with the fans.

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    Fantastic interview, really enjoyed it.

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    I enjoyed the interview too. Glad CBR did it. I"m a big fan of IDW even though I only read a handful of their books (Transformers, Star Trek, Lock & Key). I love the work they do. You can tell there is passion behind the work and not just quick and sloppy material that's being put out for a quick buck. Kudos to IDW! You guys rock!


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