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    Default PREVIEW: Iron Man #22

    This February, Tony fights for his life as the blockbuster Iron Metropolitan arc reaches its world shaking conclusion in IRON MAN #22! Mandarin City is aflame. Troy is in ruins. Both brutally destroyed by wielders of the Mandarin Rings. As Tony does battle against The Exile, Red Peril and Lord Remaker, is there anyone left to help Tony in his hour of need? It's a showdown for the ages - and you'll never guess who comes out on top! Will Tony make the ultimate sacrifice to save the city? Can he? Plus, who is this mysterious threat hunting the Mandarin Rings from the shadows? Seeds sown here bear bitter fruit in the upcoming Rings of the Mandarin arc! You won't want to miss IRON MAN #22!

    Full preview here.

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    Soooo....from the looks of it Red Peril helps Tony? is there a woman he can't smooth talk? :)

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    While I've enjoyed this arc, can't say I'm too excited for the following Malekith story, but who knows, maybe Gillen will win me over.
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    I quit Iron Man. I am sick of the routine in which Tony attempts some industrial miracle and some villain tears it down. Even with the novelty of evolving the Mandarin storyline by highlighting the Rings as independent and probably the intellectual power behind the Mandarin it just wasn't worth paying $3.99 a month for more predictable collateral damage.

    They should have left Tony in space.

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    Quote Originally Posted by UnRiel View Post
    I quit Iron Man. I am sick of the routine in which Tony attempts some industrial miracle and some villain tears it down.
    Yeah, industrial stuff is incredibly boring. I can't get invested in whether he builds a city, so I don't care if villains stop him. The movie gets it right when Stark's goal is mainly to protect Pepper or avenge Yinsin, personal goals. The comics just bore me to tears with the constant attempts to build big boring things.

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    If I have a problem, it's that the city doesn't feel real here. It doesn't feel like a real project that he's got. I'm not seeing how it's changing the lives of people, the difference he's making, even his passion for it. It all just feels like some random interchangeable thing that he's trying to make. It feels like just another mission, rather than a calling.

    I'm all about exploring the ways to change society. I think any good Tony Stark story HAS to be about that, at some point or another, because that's the deepest core of the character's DNA. But I'm unimpressed with this iteration of it.

    It's all very languid.
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