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    Default REVIEW: Action Comics, #28

    "Action Comics" #28 has underground civilizations, treacherous secret agents, and strange monsters. In other words, Greg Pak and Aaron Kuder are turning out a Superman comic that is right on target.

    Full review here.

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    I absolutely loved this!
    Also Greg pak writes an awesome Lana Lang!
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    Agreed. Pak's run has mostly been great, so far.

    The friendship between Lang and Kal-El has been a surprising strength for the book, and the inclusion of the underground civilisation almost gives the book silver age feel. Fun stuff.

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    I'm loving Greg Pak's run so far but I also loved his first arc of Batman / Superman but found the second arc terrible and dropped it after second part. Hope same doesn't happen here.

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    Love, love , loved this issue.

    "Lost underground civilizations, treacherous secret agents, strange monsters, weird science, and Queen Lana Lang? Yeah, this is a lot of fun."

    I agree with this completely, lots of fun!

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    Fun is the key word. The jovial friendship between Clark and Lana and the Silver Age wow factor of the world around them cements this issue as a fine example of how Superman can continue to be a great character to read. The real challenge will be to see how this continues into the next arc.

    As for better things for Superman, I'm still sceptical. Johns thinks there's something that needs to be fixed with Superman but it's not story that needs to be fixed — it's editing. All the blame people put on Lobdell for what's happened to Superman fail to account for the fact that Lobdell (a) was writing three different books for three different editors, (b) his Teen Titans is the last of the Young Justice line to collapse, with others having gone quite quickly, and (c) the stronger Batman editor has made Red Hood plotting a lot stronger than the other two.

    Still, Superman does need improvement — he's a character not being given enough buzz despite two excellent books right now. Forget Johns, who should be working on big arcs as an editor: what DC really needs to do in my opinion is get talented editors to bring talented writers on the books and focus on each individually until they're solid before launching more series. It's not surprising that the ones that are getting spinoffs and surviving from issue 1 are the ones that have been the most enjoyable to read.
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