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    Default PREVIEW: Suicide Risk, #10

    Leo Winters was not the first hero that power-dealers Jed and Hailey turned, but he soon maybe their lost after a mysterious organization targets the pair for destruction. In this one-shot, Mike Carey reveals the origins of the hapless, larceny-inclined couple, with art by guest artist Jorge Coehlo (POLARITY.)

    Full article here.

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    Is anyone else here reading this? I really like it. The first issue didn't really didnt' eally grab my me, but the opening of the second had such a twist. that I've been hooked ever since.

    Anyway it looks like each arc will be four issues long with a fifth as an interlude that tells someone else's story. The last wand, "Instant Access" was really enjoyable. I hope to see the character Instant Access again sometime in the future. (It also had some synergistic programming with DC's Villains month) This one looks like it will more directly tie into the plot. I'm not really into this artist, (I guess Cassagrande needs a break) but I always look forward to this book.


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