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    Default PREVIEW: Harbinger, #21

    "Resistance" ratchets up the stakes! Peter and the Renegades wanted information to be free, but now they're about to pay a very steep price.

    Once again, the Renegades are on the run with the combined forces of the Harbinger Foundation and Project Rising Spirit closing in on all sides. This time, however, the team's newest member, Ax, has left a trail of leaked classified information that could could win the day - but also put the few loved ones they have into dire peril. And now the moment has come when they must choose between their fate and their families...

    Full article here.

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    Those preview pages should do add 'fire' to the possibilities of the next arc. Doom, Doom!!
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    I want to read the preview but I don't want to spoil a single moment. I'm excited about this new storyline but dreading the death of whoever that will happen at the end of this arc.
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    Harbinger is one of my favorite books. Looking forward to this new arc - it's a game changer.

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    it is good to see the renegades back in the spotlight... it felt like too much harada and others over the last couple of issues. i was thinking that either torque or kris was going to be the one to die, but after this preview, it looks like either flamingo or torque...


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