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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Wachnicki View Post
    I brought up at the beginning that I thought that Spock was just Peter brainwashed into thinking he's Otto. I was quickly shot down by multiple posters who stated that Slott had come out and said this was a straight brain swap. No brainwashing. I've never seen that particular quote from Slott anywhere. What I think is what actually happened btw Peter and Otto needs to be fleshed out better in the story.

    Slott has claimed that Ghost Peter was put in the story as a way to ease die hard Parker fans into the new Superior status is it safe to assume GP wasn't in the original plot? Is GP Peter really Peter or just a memory fragment? Can a full set of Parker memories be harvested from the brain of Ottos missing body like some sort of back up disk. I hope as the story unfolds that we get a clearer picture of what the switch entailed.
    I get the feeling that should the whole plot point of Ock's missing body not be resolved by the end of Goblin Nation we'll get our answers down the line in Amazing. After all, Ock's body would be the last remaining place where Peter's memories are housed since Ock had Peter's memories erased from both Peter's body and the golden octobot. Since Peter only has the memories Ock committed to memory, Ock's body could be his last chance to become complete again. In fact, depending on who is in control of the body when we next see it, it could answer the question of if Ghost Peter is actually Peter or a mental clone of sorts.
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    Was Scarlet Spider-Man canceled so that Ock's consciousness could be transferred to a clone of Peter Parker?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doctor Cosmic View Post
    Was Scarlet Spider-Man canceled so that Ock's consciousness could be transferred to a clone of Peter Parker?
    I doubt it. After all Kaine is such a valuable character on his own right and he's joining the New Warriors book cast now. I think Scarlet was cancelled just because of sales. The market couldn't hold 2 books about a dark, edgy Spider-Man at the same time. It's a shame because Ock and Kaine are, in reality, very different.
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    I think the ever so reoccurring question/thought is if the real Peter is still salvageable or even if Peter IS able to regain his regular thought process/life but still have like a small Ock persona at the same time and I would like to say I really think it all depends on how well Superior Spiderman does. With all honesty I am enjoying it but there is a part of me that wants the amazing spidey back but at the same time I can see myself settling with Superior spidey.


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