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    Quote Originally Posted by Power Torch View Post
    It made me stop collecting issues with Poison Ivy in them, cause the ruined her in Arkham War.
    What happen?
    I didnt read that
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    If you guys are confused about continuity. Everything out right now is before the Forever Evil story. They made a choice to either devote every issue to it until it was done or treat it separately and let everything else do it's thing. Both DC and Marvel has taken this policy that they aren't forcing every comic into the event.

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    I don't know if derailed is the word but Forever Evil should have just been 7-13 of a Trinity War maxi-series. Having an event end unresolved or just serving as a lead-in to another event makes things drag. You're really just looking for an ending to a prior series that didn't really end. The same thing stifled the tempo of the GL books when the Rise of the Third Army mini-event just oozed into Wrath of The First Lantern.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ArnoldoAAD View Post
    What happen?
    I didnt read that
    Too much much....
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    Well, it hasn't derailed my DC reading but it has made me stop reading JLA in the interim.

    The story with Martian Manhunter and Stargirl just seemed to be dragged out.
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    I'm primarily interested in whats happening with Grayson, but its looking like he's going to be sitting in that chair getting a wicked ass cramp until the very last issue. The delays are pretty bad, but if the story didn't feel like it was absolutely just limping along it wouldn't be so bad

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    Quote Originally Posted by marvelprince View Post
    I'm primarily interested in whats happening with Grayson, but its looking like he's going to be sitting in that chair getting a wicked ass cramp until the very last issue.
    Oh, Owlman seems a sympathetic sort. I'm sure he's letting Dick have snacks and bathroom breaks between true crime documentaries and pinochle games.

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    I hate to say this because I love a good Lex story and that is what the Forever Evil title is, but it's has stopped so many of the other titles I'm reading dead in their tracks.
    JL is just stalling for time.
    JLA is a little better but it's really slow.
    Anything that happens in Nightwing will have no real effect on him to the point that Nightwing Annual #1 was really a Batgirl story.
    The Movement has become a 6 week between issues story.
    Johns is too busy to write Aquaman and while I've loved Parker in the past it's off to a slow start.

    At least 'Tec has kept moving, and Earth 2 is completely removed so far.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Conway View Post
    . . . At least 'Tec has kept moving, and Earth 2 is completely removed so far.
    Detective Comics #30

    A bold new direction for DETECTIVE COMICS as THE FLASH creative team of Francis Manapul and Brian Buccelato take over the creative reins! Batman finds himself knee-deep in a new mystery involving a deadly new narcotic that has hit the streets of Gotham City.

    On Sale Date: Apr 2 2014
    I liked them on Flash, but still have to see how they do with Batman in Detective Comics.
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    Quote Originally Posted by timberwolf View Post
    Good! When you've completely stopped reading DC, drop by again to tell us the good news.
    Easy there Didio, did I hit a nerve?

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    I've enjoyed every aspect of it. The delays do suck, but since I didn't get hardly any comics in January because I was lazy (almost caught up now) I don't think the delays bothered me as much as they would have had I been reading since Christmas.

    Main story
    Forever Evil - Great story and probably the one that moves the story forward the fastest even if its still terribly slow.
    Justice League - The best tie-in for sure especially when they were mixing in Crime Syndacite origins.
    Justice League of America - Was good, then painfully repetitive and now average at the moment.
    Suicide Squad - If anyone dropped because it was being dragged in that was a mistake because this has been a great title so far.
    Arkham War - Was kind of blah at first getting better now. Like others I'm unsure about Bat-Bane, but it does make that aftermath issue very interesting.
    Rogue's Rebellion - Was good with Captain Cold now they're just running around not really doing much.
    A.R.G.U.S. - Been really good and consistent. Jumps around a lot but I'm liking it.

    Blight stuff
    Justice League Dark - pretty interesting story despite me not caring about magical stuff most of the time.
    Trinity of Sin: Pandora - Main FE tie-ins were terrible, but the Blight issues are good.
    Trinity of Sin: Phantom Stranger - Same as Pandora.
    Constantine: Pretty good all around so far.

    I think what makes the blight stuff great is its one continuous story now in all of its books. Instead of jumping around like the ones above do every book has the same cast.

    Not sure if I forgot a title or not. Blight gains the advantage because its just one straight story where as FE has such a large cast its hard to focus on one group so the story is kind of slow and jumpy.

    I'm holding out hope that Owlman pulls a Batman and survives whatever happens to the Crime Syndacite so he can become a major new villain for Bruce. Of course I've heard rumors there might be a Owlman on Prime, but Earth-3's Owlman seems to have a much more intriguing backstory as a villain.
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    Any great story can be dragged out to the point it loses its impact. There's no doubt for me that they had a winning story in Forever Evil. They just executed it in a terrible way.


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