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    Quote Originally Posted by Hoosier X View Post
    I should have known. Loeb is just awful. I read The Long Halloween a few months ago. Not only did it not even begin to live up to the hype, it was also pretty stupid. (Much like Final Crisis. But unlike Grant Morrison, who has one or two very good storylines, Loeb seems to poison everything he touches.)
    I've disliked most of Loeb's writing, but he tends to get paired up with very good artists. Long Halloween as a story is one of the better stories Loeb did (stil not very good, especially as a whodunnit.), but the only reason I bought it was Sale's artwork.

    Quote Originally Posted by Reptisaurus! View Post
    Honestly, I thought the Mark Millar/Brian Hitch Ultimates were really, really good.
    I also really like the Millar/Hitch Ultimates, some things that made me go "eh..." (see my next comment), but overal it did some good stuff. I've also enjoyed most of Ultimate Spider-Man (both the early issues and the current ones. the Aunt May's House for Wayward Superheroes-period was just so much fun). Ultimate Fantastic Four did one thing that I really liked (making Sue a scientist on par with Reed, but in a different field.) and did enough different from the classic Fantastic Four to keep it interesting. Loeb did throw off the direction of the complete Ultimate Universe (can't blame Loeb for Ultimate, Kirkman did the damage there already), but there still are some interesting titles there.

    Quote Originally Posted by Wildfire2099 View Post
    @ Shax - I'd really love both you AND Scott to do a thread... you've have such varied takes it would be really fun to read :)
    I agree about Millar, he's not ALWAYS bad... I didn't love Ultimates, (Decent, not great) but I did love his Ultimate X-Men up to Return of the King... he writes a GREAT Magneto.
    The tragedy (well, that's a bit strong) with Millar is that he's a pretty good writer (unlike somebody like Loeb who I always have found mediocre at best), he just needs a strong editor to tell him from time to time "Mark, really?". He has a taste for excess which needs to be controlled and unlike Garth Ennis, he has no feeling when he should use those moments or not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by berk View Post
    That sounds like one of Millar's - was it? I'm no fan of the Wasp character, but I agree - glad to have missed that. I never have felt any sympathy with the whole idea of Ulitmate anyway. The new takes on all these established characters don't appear to shed any new light on them and don't feel particularly interesting in their own right. The whole thing has always seemed pointless to me.
    I would start with Ultimate Marvel Team-Up then see what you think.
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