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    Default In Your Face Jam - Jan 21, 2014

    January has been filled with enough big comic book news to last a whole year, leaving writer Brett White no choice but to examine them all at once.

    Full article here.

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    Good article, and I agree with most everything, especially your points about the Wasp. The Douglas news was such a two-sided coin; yet another great actor appearing in a Marvel film on one hand, but a bad casting choice on the other. And I think the WB is really skating on thin ice with their BM/SM movie decisions, and I liked the Affleck choice. You mentioned Sif, and I thought she would have been a great choice for WW. Plus, it would have been good for the rivalry, like the Red Sox signing an ex-Yankee.

    One thing I'll disagree with you on is your point about the Batman villains. Some of them, like the Joker, are around because of the Bat. But some of them, like the three that have been mentioned, had criminal careers well before Batman was on the scene. The Cobblepots have been established as being a thorn to Gotham for generations. I doubt they'll get into the hooker aspect of Selina Kyle's past, but she was definitely a thief before she was a costumed villain. And you can easily imagine Edward Nygma being a pain in the ass know-it-all long before he was wearing green jackets with question marks. We probably won't see any of them in costume, but I could see how their formative years in Gotham fit in with Bruce's. What I don't get is how they're going to work all this in with Bruce Wayne as a 12 year old at first. If this was going to be a Bruce Wayne-centered show instead of the Gotham cops, they should have him at least in his mid-teens at the beginning.

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    Somewhat ironic that an article dubbed comic book news lightning round didn't address any comic BOOK news, just movie and television news about comic book properties.

    The article was good, just a misnomer as to what it was about. As much as I enjoy comic properties in other mediums, my true love is the medium of comics whether it is telling super-hero stories or not (actually especially if it is telling stories in other genres). I would expect a survey of all the new comic book news in January would at least touch on Image Expo and all the interesting new comic book projects announced there, not to mention other actual comic book news, but I guess not.

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