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    Default PREVIEW: Pretty Deadly, #4

    Every Death must love and every Death must die; the cycle of world demands it. The one who captures our last breath must breathe his last before becoming inured to the pain of loss. This cycle is ending. But this Death... will not go easy.

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    I think I'm done with this series. Emma Rios' art is still gorgeous but I can't take any more of Kelly Sue's writing. Her scripting is so pretentious and the storytelling is beyond ridiculous. I was reading the recap page at the start of the issue and started literally laughing out loud at how stupidly convoluted the plot is. There is something to be said for keeping things direct and simple. I also don't really feel attached to any of the characters; some of them are cute or mysterious or sexy, but emotionally I don't really care about what happens to any of them. KSD has a great voice and tone when she writes, but the fundamentals (delivering a coherent plot, writing dialogue that effectively communicates information to the reader, etc) are a complete mess.
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    Another awesome issue. The threads are coming together, the mysteries are getting unwrapped. But there's still plenty of questions. The characters all have distinct and interesting voices. And the art, as usual, is gorgeous. The action is kinetic, fast-paced and brutal. And there's some fantastic body language, too.

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    My problem is that it reads too much like a straight Western version of East of West. It's complex, but the story and characters haven't gripped me enough to motivate me to re-read each issue the number of times required to "get it". I've dropped it as of #3.
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    I tried with this comic, but I've found it to be a real chore so far. I don't see myself picking up any further issues.

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    This issue really worked for me in a way the previous issues didn't. #3 finally got us some exposition to start explaining what all these people are to each other, which let this issue do some reveals that felt more like "aha!" moments and less like lifelines. Also, I like that the colors are getting lighter and the inks less heavy; I found this issue both more attractive and easier to read/look at than the previous issues.

    I had been feeling iffy about this book, but I definitely liked this issue enough to at least read the end of the arc next issue, and hopefully on past that.

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    I just finished reading this issue again, and it continues to amaze and move me. I re-read this series a lot, and my appreciation deepens every time I do so.

    The writing style suits my taste, yes it can be enigmatic, rather abstract, but I like that. While I do enjoy comics like Sheltered or Manifest Destiny, they follow a more traditional narrative string. Point A to point B –truly wonderful, yes- but I find I’m particularly drawn to strange, dreamy landscapes’. Like those found in Drumhellar or Pretty Deadly. These are the things that stir up my blood and my passions.

    Each issue of Pretty Deadly is like watching a flower bloom, it opens petal by petal, reveling a little more of itself. The words I see associated with the title; “poetry” and “beauty” are apt. But there is also an underlying sense of dread and regret amongst that beauty.

    Poetry? Indeed, the dialog is like poetry. It frequently touches me, as in the scene when Fox eases Sissy’s fears that she is a monster by telling her… “No, Sissy you’re my heart made flesh, all bumping around on dry land. You saved me…” Even the exchanges between Sissy and Coyote have a certain sweetness to them.

    Poetry in motion as well: The fight between Ginny and Fox is like a dance, a battle in words and motion. I commend both Rios and DeConnick on that. And I can’t slight Cowles lettering or Bellaire’s colors, her work here was exceptional, the best P.D. issue from her so far (how does perfect achieve more perfection?)

    I know this book won’t be for everyone, but for me, it's a gift.

    Thanks Kelly Sue, Emma, Jordie, Clayton and everyone associated with delivering this gift to my eager hands, eyes and brain.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cuttlefish View Post
    This issue really worked for me in a way the previous issues didn't. #3 finally got us some exposition to start explaining what all these people are to each other, which let this issue do some reveals that felt more like "aha!" moments and less like lifelines.
    Yep, that's why I loved this issue. Really put things together in terms of who everyone is and what they mean to each other in the grand scheme of things.

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    Yeah, liked this issue. Things are starting to come together. I love the mythic feel of this book
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