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    Default Poll: What Should Marvel Do With "Superior Spider-Man" After "Amazing" Returns?

    What Should Marvel Do With "Superior Spider-Man" After "Amazing" Returns?

    Now that Peter Parker's return as "Amazing Spider-Man" is imminent, what do you think Marvel should do with "Superior Spider-Man?"

    Vote on the poll here.

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    Keep it? Maybe create two alternative timelines?
    One with Parker for fanboys
    and one with SpOck for the rest?
    Everything would be the same as 616 except the spider-man itself.
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    Superior is all about Otto. IMO the title would not work with Kaine or Flash or anyone who is not a villain, really.
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    No other can be the Superior Spider-Man. Either it's Otto or it's a no buy in my opinion.

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    Keep it with Spock. Miles would be fun but he isn't 'Superior' to Peter.
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    I'll admit I'm not a Peter fan anymore, after that whole deal with the devil thing. I've found the Superior title to be really refreshing and entertaining, and would totally follow it if they managed to keep Otto around. Gave it to my dad & my brother to read over xmas; Dad loved it, but my little bro's a dyed in the wool Peter fan, so all it did is piss him off (he doesn't follow the books, and hasn't since Mephisto's deal).

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    Rename it Sensational.

    Either way.. I mean Wolverine is in dozens of books at the same time, and other characters appear also in multiple comics. So why not again 2 Peter Parker comics.

    Or give us Ben Reilly back and put him in Amazing and Peter in Superior.

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    The first thing I thought of when Doc Ock's body died and he became the Superior Spider-Man was that eventually he'd need his own body again after Peter came back, then I remembered the Jackal's been brought back recently. If Ock needs a cloned body, he's covered; if he needs that body rejuvenated to a younger age, he's covered; if he wants that body imbued with spider-powers; the Jackal's still the go-to guy. I just really hope Ock is allowed to continue trying to be superior.

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    Can I ask just why you guys would want a dock ock series? All of the fun dynamics of the series with Ock ruining Peter's life and trying to be superior obviously won't be what the series is anymore. It will either be a villain on the run or him taking over another body. I just think any appeal this series has will be gone with Otto gone from Peter's body.

    Regardless of what happens, Superior is getting relaunched with a new number 1. Whatever the case is, Marvel will give it a #1.
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    someone had the suggestion of otto takign o'haras body. considering nto much is happenign with him i think this makes sense
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    I was really hoping that Kaine was going to save that one Gwen Clone who killed herself in the fire during the Superior/Scarlet crossover. It would have been an awesome way to prove that Kaine was the Superior Spider-Man after all, if only for a little bit. As much as I love Kaine, he's much better suited to where he's at now. Miguel O'Hara would he interesting. I really don't want Otto to become some long term born again hero. He's a villain at heart, I'd rather him go back to that.

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    ** Possible SPOILERS, if not read the Ultimate NOW post **

    Still here, ok:

    Kinda' pointless having "Continue the series with Miles Morales as the new Superior Spider-Man" up there, after having the "Ultimate Marvel NOW!" post, showing S̶p̶i̶d̶e̶r̶-̶M̶a̶n̶ ̶&̶ ̶h̶i̶s̶ ̶U̶l̶t̶i̶m̶a̶t̶e̶ ̶F̶r̶i̶e̶n̶d̶s̶ All-New Ultimates.

    - Unless they pull a double-whammy & Peter ends up in the Ultimate universe & Miles in the 616...
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    Let SpOck go out on top. Let's not drag him through the mud. He had a great run but it is time to set him aside and return to the ho-hum, business as usual status quo with Peter.

    I do want to read a Miguel O'Hara comic though.

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    As dumb as I think the idea of Otto in Peter's body is, I've enjoyed reading it. All the more odd since I dropped all Peter starring Spider-man books after One More Day (so bad!), and will likely go back to ignoring them again when they've returned to that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gamsee View Post
    As dumb as I think the idea of Otto in Peter's body is, I've enjoyed reading it. All the more odd since I dropped all Peter starring Spider-man books after One More Day (so bad!), and will likely go back to ignoring them again when they've returned to that.
    Pretty much in the same boat. Otto was a refreshing and unique take on the character. After Otto is gone, Spider-Man will return to the doldrums from whence it came.


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