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    Default Paul Tobin Goes on the Hunt with "The Witcher"

    CBR News spoke with writer Paul Tobin about bringing "The Witcher" novel franchise to comics for Dark Horse's character-driven miniseries.

    Full article here.

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    Im a huge Witcher fan (check my avatar) and news of a original story in comic format is quite exciting, but Im getting mixed feelings about the prospect and this interview doesn't completely address my concerns.

    The writer does reference familiarity with the existing material, plus his assessment of Geralt's personality is quite accurate... that bodes well. Fingers crossed that he gets it

    I understand that as with any franchise this has to be launched in comic form taking into account potential newbies, and scaling back the scope of the story is probably a good idea; yet I hope it strikes a balance between introductory information and a satisfying Witcher done in one adventure like the ones that kicked off the series. I wonder, does it fit in the established timeline at all? A mention of this would have been nice.

    But hey, I'll approach this with an open mind and hope for the best.

    Can anyone here vouch for Tobin's work? Im not familiar at all with his writing.
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    Very excited for this comic. I recently played the Witcher 2 game and it is crazy good. The story is amazing. It could use a few gameplay tweaks but the story and gorgeous visuals are top class. Picked it up for 10 bucks too, cheap at

    Oh watch the game trailer, very cool.


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