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    Default In Your Face Jam - Jan 3, 2014

    Writer Brett White bids farewell to 2013 by counting down his top ten favorite comic book issues of the year.

    Full article here.

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    I disagree with Captain Marvel #14, Astonishing X-Men #67, X-Men #4 and especially with Young Avengers #4

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    As a guy who hasn't read #s 10,7,6, & 3 on your list - pretty much agreed. #s 1,2,8 & 9 would definitely make my list. I knew immediately after taking in that spread with Noh Varr all over it that YA#4 was the best comic. Matt Murdock is my favorite character in fiction at least 4 days of any week, and I agree with you - never, ever, ever been better than when written by Waid, and issue 25 was incredible. Also my favorite issue of Saga so far. You have impeccable taste, sir.
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    Can we get a best comic book arcs list so that Young Avengers can take the top 3 spots in that? YA is the future of comic books.
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    I'd switch Hawkeye #9 for Hawkeye #11, because apart from a few moments and the ending, Hawkeye #9 really loses its shine after the first read through, while Hawkeye #11 is still great after several reads.
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    Where is Hawkeye #11? The dog issue will be one of the comics from this year that will be remembered years from now. Simply brilliant


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