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    Default Flanagan & Johnson Amalgamate Dynamite's "Cryptozoic Man"

    Comic Book Men and "Cryptozoic Man" creators Walt Flanagan and Bryan Johnson discuss the series' recent debut on the AMC show and more.

    Full article here.

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    I loved the first issue. I didnt realize it was the Comic Book Men that were the creators behind it. I got the last issue at my local shop and signed on for the rest of the series. I love weird stuff like this. Funny to see Walt mention animal-vegetable-mineral-man as that is who the character reminded me of when I first saw him. Kind of too bad that DC didn't capitalize on Giffen' costumed animal-vegetable-mineral-man from the most recent Doom Patrol series as he could have been a major player in the new 52, especially with a treatment like this.

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    cant wait to read this
    love the show
    thought the dude reminded me of avm man
    is there a trade yet?
    and why all the haters on the show
    love the humour
    johnson makes the show
    Knight is not dead he's just waiting for a new steed


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