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    Default CBR SUNDAY CONVERSATION: Mitch Gerads

    "Punisher" artist Mitch Gerads sits with CBR to discuss authenticity in military shooters, cheering for the underdog, and lacing up his dance shoes for his upcoming wedding.

    Full article here.

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    Sounds like he's having a great time with everything in general. Can't wait for his run to start.
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    I'm sad that it looks like The Activity will be put on hiatus for a while, but I will check out their version of The Punisher. It's probably been 20 years since I bought an issue of that character.

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    Mitch sounds like a cool guy. I will pick up their first Punisher arc collected since $ is a little tight now.

    I wish them luck with the run. I have a feeling it will be very good.
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    "I went through the campaign pretty -- I wouldn't say quickly -- I was excited to do it. I loved the campaign. You can tell they brought in [writer Stephen Gaghan] the guy who did "Traffic." It has a much more robust, followable (if that's a word) story. I've enjoyed all the other "Modern Warfare" games in the past, but the reasons you're doing things never made a ton of sense. The overall story would make sense, but here everything made sense."

    Is this a joke lol? The campaign storyline was pretty much as pathetic it's always been. Enemy country X attacks 'Muricah for generic reason Y and generic boss Z doesn't die even after getting shot point blank with a ... revolver. Not to mention the dog breaking a door as if it's made of confetti. I hope the dude sticks to pencilling The Punisher and not writing duties.


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