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    Default EXCLUSIVE: Kindt Plans A "Star Wars: Rebel Heist" for Dark Horse

    Matt Kindt takes on a Star Wars miniseries featuring a new look at the franchise's biggest names even as he plans his "Suicide Squad" departure.

    Full article here.

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    So it seems Dark Horse must really be keeping the Star Wars license?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Choos View Post
    So it seems Dark Horse must really be keeping the Star Wars license?
    Seems like it, although it's only a 4 issue mini-series. Still Disney hasn't shown any interest outside of the films, with them shutting down Lucasarts and all.

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    Kindt's work for hire is waaaaaay worse than his creator owned material. He says he has been able to keep the quality, but I think he has spread himself too thin. On a bright note, Red Handed and Mind MGMT are two of my favourite books this year. I'm really excited for what he has in store for us with Poopy! and the Lost Lagoon and those other creator owned projects.

    I think I will pass on the Star Wars mini unless I hear really good things about it.
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