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    Default Jawing with Jenkins on "Deathmatch," "Fairy Quest" & Beyond

    BOOM! Studios exclusive writer Paul Jenkins looks back on a year filled with career shifts, creator-owned projects and his continued desire to tell great stories.

    Full article here.

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    Future, Deathmatch related books! Sweet!
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    I commented on a recent review of Deathmatch, and I only repeat those comments because of what Paul Jenkins said in this interview. He challenges anyone to find some negative reviews: I'd argue that some of the reviews on CBR (and elsewhere) were negative about aspects of the comic, and I'm afraid I agree with those reviews, that the reveal was quite disappointing; that the scenario was basically a trick was a let-down. I don't even read reviews usually, but I had to check a few to make sure I hadn't missed some big part of the explanation. I was one of those readers that PJ said "absolutely adore [the comic]", but I've lost interest now, unfortunately.
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