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    Default In Your Face Jam - Dec 18, 2013

    Brett spent the last few months trying to turn into Comic Book Writer Brett White, and now he looks at the medium in a totally new way.

    Full article here.

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    What you're describing is actually normal. A friend of mine once said that there are two types of critics, and you see them in high school classrooms around the world. There is the cynical teenager who looks at any artwork anyone does and yells, 'That sucks!' while smugly assuring himself that he could do better if he truly put in any effort. The second is the teacher, who looks at the work and studies what the person has done and realizes what level of talent they are at at the present time. This is because the second has actually done something creative and knows the problems associated with having any creative work shown in any public forum. Being a published... anything, changes how you look at things, and causes you to realize that people do not create art to fail, they create art and maybe fail but maybe they learn from their failures and improve and then make something truly great. The first type of person always makes the whiny claim, 'Well, I'm allowed to have my own opinion.' Yes, you are, but just recognize that your opinion is worthless because it is based on ignorance rather than fact. I say to you, sir, congratulations on creating art and having it put on public display, because you have done more than most of your haters will ever do.

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    Kudos. Brett! May your creative journey be fruitful, fulfilling and well received. I enjoy reading your thoughts on comics even when my opinion is a polar opposite. I often find myself applying a critical perspective to my own reactions, after reading your posts, and am super curious how your thoughtful musing might come across in this greatest of collaborative art forms. Best of luck to you, sir

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    I was meaning to do this for a while but I guess this IYFJ is as good as time as any to do it. There's a thread in the forums that a few wannabe comic book writers are using to post their progress on their projects in 2014 and provide each other support. A few people who have actually made the journey and published a comic have also popped up with advice. It's at

    Hope to see you there


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