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    Default EXCLUSIVE: Mike Mignola On "Lobster Johnson's" Weird History

    "Lobster Johnson: Get The Lobster" explores the pulp hero's luchador past, and Mike Mignola explores the weird facts that built the hero's history for John Arcudi.

    Full article here.

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    The new cover price is applied on it... $3.99... OUCH...
    2000 AD of course!!!
    All Hail The Mighty Tharg

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    Lobster Johnson is one of my favorite characters. I enjoyed the “secret history” materials in the back pages of Iron Prometheus, and I love the mystique of the character. MESSAGE TO DARK HORSE MERCHANDISING DEPARTMENT: Based on the previews, I hope you will consider making Russian Bear and Devil Dwarf action figures.
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    After the first miniseries, I had hoped Lobster Johnson would have been a blend of HP Lovecraft Weird Horror Pulp and the Crime Fighting Adventure pulps of the early to mid 20th Century. Sadly, the subsequent series and one-offs of Lobster Johnson have been boring disappointments. I hope this coming series is more interesting.


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