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    Default REVIEW: Justice League, #25

    In "Justice League" #25, Geoff Johns and Doug Mahnke reveal the origin of Owlman and begin to outline the dastardly fiend's plans for Nightwing and for the Earth.

    Full review here.

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    Plastic Man is going to be the big winner of Forever Evil. Because the arrival of the Crime Syndicate pre-dates the creation of Plas, he has the upper hand in dealing with them as they've never faced a being with his abilities. He will be the reluctant hero of it all and will (hopefully) get his own on-going series to go through all the grey areas of being a former mobster to being an actual, like-it-or-not super hero.

    Here's to Plas making it into JLC!

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    This issue was solid but if you aren't into the Forever Evil story, you should avoid this issue.

    Owlman's story was twisted and cool. Nightwing is smart to play ball with Owlman but the ending where Super Woman heard the plan is troubling. She's playing both ends off against middle, and will likely reap all the rewards for doing so. I loved the introduction of Plastic Man! I hope he gets an ongoing post-Forever Evil.

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    Mahnke > Reis


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