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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiamatican View Post
    The best example of this was Matt Fraction's Defenders series. The final few pages made it so the entire series never happened. A year-long story, and none of it ever happened. The team was never formed. None of them are even aware of any of it. It was really well-done.
    I don't know about well done. I suppose well done in how Fraction executed the ending, sure. But I would have liked that the continuity engines played some part in the Hickman arc of the Avengers, concerning the Builders, at least. But to just shuffle the engines off to anonymity after making them this important device to continuity? I hope we see them fit into the Space-time continuity that got interrupted by Age Of Utron.
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    So, I have done my homework and finish to read all of the existing UA (I had just read the first 8 issues when I opened the thread)

    Concerning "how it fits in the MU continuity?" I am even more confused now than before, although the explanations proposed in this thread *almost* explains everything.

    Given the impact and relevance for the mutantkind of the events narrated in UA I would say this should be the "flagship" X title by far. Both Aaron and Bendis book spend a lot of time with teenager mutants problems, while in UA we talk about mutant extinction, deportation, world domination by the Red Skull... this is the heavy weight league! For sure, this should have been the 50th anniversary X-story, much more than a quite pointless story like BOTA.

    From this point of view is really shocking how little of what happens in this book is reflected in other books. Without naming recent deaths, but how is it possible that the twins addressing mutantkind about imminent deportation to another planet does not deserve a tie-in in some X titles and Avengers titles??? This is what makes reading this book so strange, and give the very bad feeling everything is going to resolve with a "sorry we were joking"

    Apart from these concerns about the context, I think this is a great book. It has a lot of tension and adrenaline, it works around the most characteristic ideas of the X-world, it has consistently great art, and gives refreshing looks to many of the characters involved... also it makes much more sense after having read the first 10 issues at least twice, so I can understand it wasn't immediately well received by everybody

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    I now believe that Uncanny Avengers left continuity in UA #7. At the point that the Apocalypse Twins murdered a Celestial, a new timeline was created. The rest of the 616 Earth titles are still in continuity and the events of UA are not referenced.


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