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    Default Pipeline - Dec 3, 2013

    As he rearranges his bookcase, Augie has thoughts on how it mirrors his tastes & affects his focus. When's the last time you switched things up?

    Full article here.

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    Humanoids is also putting out some great (and great looking) hardcover collections of European comics.

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    I'm doing it right now, I made several big changes, I packed away trades, sold off some books, and I now use Magazine boxes to put trades in and then I put them on my shelf. So instead of trades tilting or falling over I can just move 8-10 at a time.

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    None of my collections are really in anything I'd consider "storage" except maybe some Essential volumes that are stuffed into the long box they go with. I do occasionally mix up what I have on a few shelves. Mainly, the one bookshelf that is in the common areas that my GF keeps moving, so the books rotate position. That's got everything from the DHP Manara collections and other oversized comic themed books to newer crime themed collections and non-major-publisher stuff.

    Upstairs I have 4 bookcases, 2 billy ones and 2 ikea-but-smaller-than-billy ones.

    Billy #1: All Marvel tpb's, Masterworks, and even Treasury books
    Billy #2: Image, DHP, DC, and other tpb's. Some manga, mostly some Blackjack and my Rick Geary stuff.
    Both of these have statues in or on the top of them.

    non-billy #1: Manga on top, manga statues and other statues on top. Below is a random shelf of Marvel graphic novels (those from the 80's), magazines, and other stuff.
    non-billy #2: This is all HC's from whatever publisher they came from. This one needs a bit of work. There's a lot of DC at the bottom and the top has my Battle Royal tpb's too but the rest is all HC.

    I have a bunch of tpb's that I am running out of room to place! Walking Dead and Fables-verse are killing me! ;)
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    My floppies are in the loft. The only books that go in the loft are the ones I've set aside to sell - so I'm regularly having to cull my collection.

    I've got 2.5 60cm Billy cases (with the optional extra shelf on top), one 80cm billy shelf (also with the extra shelf) - and an alcove that probably work out about the same as another 80cm billy case.

    Strictly in alphabetical order - usually the writer, sometimes the character and occasionally (ie Tim Sale and Seth Fisher) the artist.

    Oh and the Manga books are all on top of the cases where there's no room for full height books.

    For what it's worth, 60cm Billy cases are great, but the 80cm ones bow under the weight of TPBs.



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