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    Quote Originally Posted by Daiohnysis View Post
    Not all, but some. And most Batfan writers do it too.
    Since you say most I guess you have some kind of statistics to back it up? If not then "most" is a very vague term to use. Since it would only be your interpretation of the Batman fans you have met. which can hardly be counted representation of the batman fans.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlexanderLuthor View Post
    Says the Daredevil fan? Is any villain more tired than Kingpin? Who was a rip-off of a trope that had been done for 20 years before he was "created"
    I actually don't like Kingpin as a villain. I find him played out as well.

    I'd rather the Owl get a push or they promote another villain like the Rose or Crime Master, but I'm well over Kingpin and Bullseye both.

    Like I stated in my earlier post, I'm not thrilled with any of the long-standing rivalries in comics, not a single one. I'd rather some other villains get refurbished and made legitimate. That's not to mean they need to go out and become the most reprehensible individuals ever, but that they're treated like actual characters and not just punchlines or props to service our heroes.
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    The Batman/Joker dynamic is not really the most interesting in one around (I much prefer the dynamic Batman has with Harvey Dent/Two-Face), but it's a solid part of the Batman mythos, and with good reason. Simplified, it's basically Batman's tightly-ordered world against Joker's loose chaos, or even Joker's suffocating desire to bring all to see his vision of the world, while Batman lets everyone live their lives in unpredictable freedom.

    It's not the greatest one around, but neither is any superhero/arch-enemy dynamic.

    Superman/Lex Luthor? You have Lex's xenophobia, jealousy of Superman, belief that he makes mankind complacement and insignificant by comparison to his perfection...but really, you can boil it down to - Lex Luthor hates Superman with a burning passion, while Superman regards Lex as a fundamentally good person, but flawed and consumed by irrational hatred.

    Kingpin/Daredevil? Brave, moral lawyer takes on the big man of crime, who regards him as an insignificant bug to be crushed.

    Dr. Doom/Reed Richards? Doom hates Reed Richards, because all-consuming jealousy.

    And so on.

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    It is a little played out, but it's one of the most-used and most-loved relationships in comics. I think chaos vs. order was just the movie, and the real thing is more complicated. In any case, before DotF there wasn't a major straight-up Joker story for years, so I think other people got bored of the hype. But if you don't get that hype you'd have to be an idiot. And I don't think you're an idiot.

    Troll indeed.
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