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    Default Sara Ryan & Carla Speed McNeil Let the Walls Talk in "Bad Houses"

    Novelist Sara Ryan teams with comics vet Carla Speed McNeil for a story about the children of an estate agent and a hoarder finding love in a small Oregon town.

    Full article here.

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    Bad Houses was one of my favorite graphic novels this year (I just finished it earlier this week; I tried to read it in bits and pieces so I could stretch out the enjoyment); hopefully more people will seek it out, now! Great, great stuff.

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    It's just too bad it took CBR a MONTH to highlight this great book. (I got my copy before Halloween. And CBR features it at Thanksgiving. I also noticed it's on the home page's "Previews" with books shipping THIS WEEK. Way to stay on top of things, guys. Oh well, I guess better late than never.)

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    Aha! Carla Speed McNeil fans exist, and they are Out There! I didn't notice that she had drawn for Greg Rucka's "Queen & Country", so for me, this was the first non-Finder work of hers that I had seen. I was a tiny bit disappointed with the artwork, which seemed a little bit freeze-frame after Finder, but it is still very good. Sara Ryan's story does remind me of Finder in the way that different groups of people intersect back and forth throughout the storyline, sometimes oblivious to anything other than their own values, and sometimes very much affected by the differences they encounter.

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    Very glad dotmoll replied to this thread or I never even would have known this book existed. I will be getting this post-haste!

    "Support the small press and the smaller publishers and hell, even the marginal books at DC and Marvel, by being open to new stuff as well as familiar characters and creators. You'll be rewarded with great stories you didn't know existed and creators who will become your favorites for years to come."--Randly Lander,


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