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    Default REVIEW: Thor: God of Thunder, #15

    Jason Aaron and Ron Garney take readers to Alfheim and Jotunheim in "Thor: God of Thunder" #15.

    Full review here.

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    A very well-written, Fun, and interesting Story. The art is decent, but I still miss Ribic. 4/5.
    I'm glad Malekith is more badass here, the movie was disappointing.

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    The first 1/3 of the issue was fairly standard, with the League of Realms catching up to Malekith and then Malekith escaping again, but then the rest of the issue was fun, with the drinking contest, the second battle on Jotunheim and the cliffhanger. As for the Thor/Dark Elf Chick romantic scene, I'm not yet sure what to think. She's a similar type of character to Sif, which might explain why Thor would be drawn to her, but given the whole Roz Solomon thing, I'm wondering if this will go anywhere or it was just a moment. The next issue should be entertaining.

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    My favourite part of the issue and I can't explain exactly why is Thor's monologue to Mjolnir, I just like that scene. Glad to see they remembered Malekith is a shape changer, with him being the waitress at the tavern listening in on the League.


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