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    Default PREVIEW: The Shadow, #19

    A voice from the past raises questions that the Shadow cannot answer, and leads him away from the concrete canyons of New York City on a journey that will carry him halfway round the world, from the snowy wastes of Siberia to the steaming jungles of Guatemala. What is the secret of the girasol?

    Full article here.

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    Might pick this up. Art much nicer than on the previous arc. Plus Francavilla outdoes himself again on the variant

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    The variant cover might have been nice, but the inside art was atrocious. Doesn't anybody at Dynamite understand that Shadow / Cranston's nose is suppose to be a bit more prominent, almost knife-like, without being a bulbous blob or just an ordinary-looking nose? Where was the Shadow's cloak this issue? It looked more like he had a leather jacket with just a long red scarf that could easily be grabbed to tie-up the Shadow. And why does Margo suddenly have hair that's colored like it's more blonde than brunette? (And has she always had a Boston debutante background?)

    Not a very stellar effort here.
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