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    Default Shelf Life - Nov 14, 2013

    This week, Ron Marz announces two new projects that hold special meaning for him, Sunday strip-style adaptations of works by Tarzan creator Edgar Rice Burroughs.

    Full article here.

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    Big ERB fan, but I just cant read digital, hope these strips get collected into a trade or HC as well.
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    Edgar Rice Burroughs wasn't against gay marriage was he? Otherwise Ron is going tohave to drp all of these projects and give away his Tarzan collection.

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    Very cool project. I might just check this out.
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    As with Ron, in the 7th grade or so I too, discovered ERB and quickly devoured nearly all of his output...though I don't think I ever got through more than the first ten of the Tarzan books. Maybe I'd left that magic 10-13 years old golden age and had drifted off to other authors. I remember the knockoffs...Tarnsman of Gor by Mike Resnick from that time, as well, though it never quite resonated the same.

    It also inspired me to pursue writing, and I pounded out my own fanfic adventures in the style at the tender age of 12, and also drew a lot of comics. I sought a career as a comics artist for a time in my 20s but alas, wasn't ardent enough or talented, perhaps. Regardless, ERB gave me my fantasy start and while I really can't bring myself to reread those books again now as I've reached 60, I still enjoy the comics.

    As for the ERB weekly comics on their website, I'm left a bit cold by them, though their pricing at $1.99 is certainly reasonable. It's just...I'm not 12 anymore and I'm not particularly interested in revisiting these classic tales the same style of ERB as well...that I once enjoyed.

    The Batman/Tarzan teamup was good fun, as were the other Dark Horse, particularly the Tarzan meets John Carter and Carson Napier of Venus books. As for revisiting the same ol, same ol of Burroughs old style, can't quite bring myself to do it.


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