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    Default The Original Walking Dead Return in Gary Reed's "Deadworld: Restoration"

    Gary Reed's "Deadworld" zombie saga continues and the writer explains the aftermath of King Zombie's dethroning and how he feels "The Walking Dead" borrowed from him.

    Full article here.

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    I just wanted to point out that DW was originated by Ralph Griffith and Stu Kerr when they had Arrow Comics. I took over when it came over to Caliber with issue #9.

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    If you spend enough time with one specific horror sub genre, you'll find at times there are characters in books, comics, or films that are awfully similar to other characters, but it doesn't necessarily mean one artist was influenced by another.

    The same thing goes for the vampire sub genre. Several years ago a few accused Terminal Reality, the video game developers who created Bloodrayne, of copying 2000 AD's Durham Red.

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    Durham Red

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    But yet Terminal Reality never even heard of Durham Red.

    As for Merle, I'd say they watched Evil Dead 2 a few times too many. He was one of the first horror characters I can think of that cut off his own hand and attached a weapon to the stump, and Evil Dead 2 is considered to be one of the most popular modern horror films, so I wouldn't be surprised whatsoever if that's where the idea came from.
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