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    Default PREVIEW: Forever Evil, #3

    The first universe-wide event of The New 52 continues to explode across the DC Universe! With the world under the rule of the mysterious and deadly Crime Syndicate and our greatest heroes dead, it's up to the unlikeliest of defenders to rise up to save us-humanity's only hope-Lex Luthor?! Plus, a startling revelation about the dark secret of the Syndicate's mission on Earth-and what it means for the future of the DC Universe and its heroes and villains.

    Full article here.

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    Have to admit, I love how Lex clearly knows he has no reason to talk aloud to Bizarro beyond simple instructions but fells compelled to anyway.

    Also, Lex is back to being from Kansas, and thus presumably also Smallville.
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    Ugh, this is why I didn't want Geoff Johns anywhere near SUPERMAN and his related characters.

    Lex being from Smallville is so stupid. Especially since Morrison gave us such a good start to Lex, and Lobdell has been doing real cool stuff. Nope, Johns gives us Silver Age Lex complete with his power suit. Boring.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flash Gordon View Post
    Johns gives us Silver Age Lex complete with his power suit. Boring.
    When the only Supermen in the world are villains willing to kill, i feel it is truly best he has his power suit on.
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    Couple more minutes before its out.

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    Just rub it in while the rest of us mere mortals have to wait a good 8 hours.
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