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Thread: I wish DC...

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    I agree about the need to keep on moving forward and doing more reboots without the need to explain the old versions. Just forget the failed versions of Lobo, Stormwatch, Legion, etc. and keep on doing reboots and don't bother to explain away the old failed versions. Not much need to refer to pre-flashpoint events like Death of Superman, etc. so just forget about them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bruce Twain View Post
    Would drop their sh*tty house coloring style.

    A simple, simple wish.
    What house coloring style?

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    ....would create ONE GOOD book about the Batman.
    Walking Man Comics

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    ...would keep up the good work!

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    Create new characters by introducing superhero and villains kids in an academy setting with Old or retired heroes in reboots as teachers.Think Harry Potter meets Teen Titans.
    Do more Amalgam of character things.Click image for larger version. 

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    Put the new52 stuff all in elseworlds and restore all the history to pre52
    Fewer Bat titles no one can afford to follow all of them.
    I like the Supes and Wonder couple now how about some kids and don't make all of them good.
    5 main Jla characters with at least three guest heroes each story
    More Saturday morning DC cartoons mix of old and new

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    I wish DC ...

    would keep all of the Dark line out of the crossovers and keep it going for as long as the creative teams wish to work on them.

    ...Take more chances like Dial H, Demon Kinghts, Frankenstein

    And itd be great if the core books like the Justice Leagues keep up the current level of quality, not the mediocrity leaning on crappiness of the first year of the new 52
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    Here are my specifics:

    *Back to anthologies, 66pp. each, multiple stars, 2000 AD style.
    Action: Superman-lead, 100% butt-kicking, Hawkman, Flash, Blue and Gold, etc.
    Detective: Batman-lead, 100% detective fiction, Elongated Man, Chimp, Question, Slam, etc.
    All-Star: Wonder Woman-lead,
    Adventure: Aquaman-lead, Atom, Green Arrow, etc.
    Sci-fi: Adam Strange-lead, Lobo, Space Cabbie, Challengers, etc.
    Fun: Plastic Man-lead, Freakazoid, Fire & Ice, Bat-mite, etc.
    All-American: 100% JSA and JSAers.
    *Elongated Man, Freakazoid, Blue Beetle (Ted) & Booster Gold, Super Buddies, The Atom, Adam Strange, Zatanna, Black Lightning all get titles.
    *Characters redefined:
    Wonder Woman: A woman in men's worlds and she rocks it like nobody. Keep Azzarello vibe but back to clay, fights mostly Nazis, monsters and evil gods, likes Steve but he's the Lois.
    Aquaman: He's the world's most powerful king, almost as strong and fast as early Superman. Slightly more like the DiMaggio version. Diplomatic situations. A big Arthurian vibe. Villains: Manta, OGRE, Black Jack (modern pirate / conman), Orm, etc.
    Elongated Man: Back to Nick Charles. Creative, sharp and smart. Not a clown but loves to joke and has a light take on life. The Dibnys are incredibly wealthy celebrities. He solves mysteries in the DCU, but he has his own rogues gallery, which serves mostly as usual suspects rather than culprits. Egghead is his Moriarty.
    The Atom: He's the Mr. Fantastic of the DCU. He loves science and is constantly discovering things. As Ray Palmer he is the new Carl Sagan, only more inventor than pop scientist.
    Zatanna: She's a celebrity superhero. A magician with the fame of Lady Gaga. Only prettier. And much less weird. She is a good girl kinda has daddy issues and sucks picking boys.
    Freakazoid: Somewhere between the actual thing and the Spider-man/Creeper version that Timm wanted. More high school, but a bit more Archi or Saved by the bell than Peter Parker.
    Martian Manhunter: He is a police detective and a loner, exploring and helping his adoptive world one day at a time. When things get too complicated for John Jones, the Martian appers. Diabolu, Hugo and Faceless return.
    The Flash: Originally Barry, but after a while he sacrifices himself, and leaves Wally in charge. Eventually he returns and after a while moves to the future with Iris.
    Plastic Man: We need a new Jack Cole.
    JL: After the satellite roster, which is now the board, it goes unlimited. It includes members from the JSA, the Super Buddies, the Teen Titans and Robot Man.
    The Super-buddies: It's the NY embassy of the JL. It is managed by Maxwell Lord. It includes Ted, Booster, Fire, Ice, Ralph, Sue, Guy, Dmitri, PG, L-Ron, Mr. Miracle, Big Barda and Oberon.
    The Outsiders: A division of JLA spies rather than a team. It's lead by Batgirl and regularars include Black Canary, Batman, the Martian, Black Lightning, Metamorpho, Catwoman, Green Arrow and Huntress.
    The Titans: Nightwing, Flash, Red Arrow, Garth, Amazon, Starfire, Cyborg, Beastboy, Raven, Static.
    JSA: They live on Earth-2. An event in 1951, transports Keystone and a number of heroes and villains into the future. In an attempt to find them, Black Canary, the Huntress and Power Girl end Up on Earth-1. The roster includes Flash, Green Lantern, Wildcat, Hawkman and Hawkgirl (reincarnated), the Atom II, Stargirl, Dr. Mid-nite II, Sandman IV, Red Tornado (Cyclone), the Spectre and a really old Dr. Fate.
    The Secret Society of Supervillains: A large, unlimited guild of super criminals that keeps them on the streets as muscle and a distraction from the big picture crime.
    Characters: Elongated Man, Batman, Satellite JLA, Super Buddies, Sandman, Swamp Thing
    Writers: Moore, Gaiman, Cooke, Giffen/DeMatteis, Miller, Dini, Morrison, Waid, Meltzer, McDuffie, Barr, Englehart

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    ...would stop chasing the talent away, and make me wanna buy more of their books.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sterling View Post
    What house coloring style?
    The muted digital color palette that runs through a solid three-fourths of New 52 titles.

    Look at something from the early mid-2000s like 52 (which was pretty much their house style at the time) and then look at something like Team 7, any issue of Action Comics, Justice League, etc.

    You'll see what I mean.

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    1. Have Superman be older and inspire awe in his comrades and fear in his enemies

    2. Have Captain Marvel and Black Adam reversed back into their JSA incarnations

    3. Have Phantom Stranger become origin-less again

    4. Bring back a Brave and the Bold book and a DC Comics Presents book

    5. Utilize Captain Atom and Firestorm a little more often

    6. El Dorado...yeah, bring that guy into a book

    7. Have a monthly Exploring the Multiverse comic

    8. Have a Spectre monthly

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Fett View Post
    ...would stop chasing the talent away, and make me wanna buy more of their books.
    hahaha. Just turned that into a mental picture. DiDio and Johns screaming at the likes of Robinson with tribal masks and torches.
    Characters: Elongated Man, Batman, Satellite JLA, Super Buddies, Sandman, Swamp Thing
    Writers: Moore, Gaiman, Cooke, Giffen/DeMatteis, Miller, Dini, Morrison, Waid, Meltzer, McDuffie, Barr, Englehart


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