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    Default PREVIEW: Painkiller Jane, #1

    PAINKILLER JANE is back in action as we follow her on an adrenaline filled adventure protecting a Saudi Arabian princess on her visit to the New York City. It seems a number of people want her dead and the only thing between them and her royal highness is our gun toting, out of control, Painkiller Jane. Also in this issue a 10 page back up telling you all about the origin of Painkiller Jane and her friendship between her best friend Detective Maureen Fernandez.

    Full article here.

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    It's always nice to see Palmiotti back at Marvel.
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    I haven't read any PKJ since the old Event comics days, with Rick Leonardi drawing. This looks pretty good. I might have to give it a shot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Talisman View Post
    It's always nice to see Palmiotti back at Marvel.
    Keep in mind that Palmiotti is the same guy who wrote What if AvX.
    After reading that shite, I swore to never buy anything with his name on it.
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    Never read anything with Painkiller Jane before (like Jimmy Palomitti's work: Power Girl, Batwing, Jonah Hex). Think this would be a good entry point?


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