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    I'm new and wanted to share my webcomic art...First time delving into comics so please be gentle...It basically features our mascot 8 and his companion Syv in their gaming related adventures...

    I attached picture below on the latest Plants vs. Zombies game. You may see my whole archive here: image for larger version. 

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    Our latest issue on Microsoft's Xbox One!

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    Hey there

    I checked all the strips and I gotta say I like it! It's easy to call it "just another Penny Arcade / Ctrl+Alt+Del" based on first impressions, but after reading the strips I think that it looks original, the characters are likable so far and the puns were pretty good. Overall, I like it and will keep reading it!

    Bookmarked the site, I can see it is still missing some content (opportunities, faq) but still - good effort all around and keep it up.
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    [a free online graphic novel]

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    I tried to send you a private message but was unable to...Not sure why.

    You are correct, there are some similarities with other gaming webcomics but we try to remain as original as possible. Before I entered webcomic making I took a look at some long threads of people's greatest complaints on webcomics. A big one was authors putting themselves in the comic, thus mascots were created, original characters.

    I'm very honored that you like our webcomic. We've had a lot of great feedback so far so that's amazing!

    We are still working on expanding the site so thank you for that small reminder.

    I took a look at "Wanderers" did you make that graphic novel yourself?

    Also, do you play any video games?

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