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    Default REVIEW: Sheltered, #4

    In "Sheltered" #4 by Ed Brisson and Johnnie Christmas, the volcano eruption that was the centerpiece of Lucas' coup d'état has failed to occur, and thus his tenuous hold on the other children has begun to fray, with disturbing consequences.

    Full review here.

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    I liked this issue, and I was surprised because I quite disliked issue 3 for its plot holes. Issue 4 was tighter and I found it to be quite gripping. But man do I ever hate Lucas. Something terrible has to happen to him or the power dynamics need to shift in a big way or I'll end up dropping the book. I wouldn't want to read arc after arc of a psychotic teenager picking off his trusted followers.

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    I really have a hard time with the premise itself. While it's true that this comic book has taken a path that has never been trod, maybe some paths are not to be taken at all. I totally agree with you about Lucas, and honestly, I can't continue to find out.


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