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    Default When Words Collide - Oct 14, 2013

    Tim looks at Paul Pope's long-anticipated "Battling Boy" and finds a fantastic superhero comic exploding to the surface. And it's a great-looking surface.

    Full article here.

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    I have to disagree. While visually "Battling Boy" is extraordinary and as an ART book it's absolutely a must have, the story is quite boring - what you refer to as being "straight forward". There really isn't any worldbuilding going on here. It's just one weird scene after the other with no real backstory conveyed by any of them. Haggard West just sort of comes out of nowhere and is dispatched with no explanation.

    I'd recommend this book for Paul Pope's art but don't expect a great story.

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    Oh man, I REALLY don't care about backstory. Ever.
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    I thought the world building was totally satisfying. Popes art deserves to be showcased in a larger setting. Terrific young hero and I can't wait for volume two. Reminded me of "what if Jor El and Lara were secretly Thor and Wonder Woman?"

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    Mine is sitting at the post office right now. Can't wait to grab it later. I loved the Haggard West prequel so I'm psyched.
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