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    Quote Originally Posted by AJBopp View Post
    And if you have Jack Ryder, you expect him to become...uh, who exactly?

    That's a much closer analogy to Black Canary.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kensei View Post
    Slade- given Mirakuru, died from it, then revived on his own and was strengthened.

    Roy- given Mirakuru, died from it, then revived by CPR from Oliver and was strengthened.

    Isabel- apparently shot dead (maybe, maybe not), then given Mirakuru (maybe, maybe not), then opened her eyes again and we'll see if she's strengthened or not.

    All completely different situations.
    I'm gonna need more proof before buying into the whole "kills/revives" aspect of Mirakuru (but if it is true, that could also be how they introduce Lazarus Pits into the Arrowverse?). With Slade and Roy, it seemed to me more like they went into shock or possibly a temporary coma as the drug did it's work; with Isabel, it probably was injected *before* she died, and the healing benefits are taking time to counter that much damage.
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    If memory serves, Isobel threw down with Ollie a bit just before she was shot and he was still able to knock her down, so it seems unlikely that she had already been injected with Mirakuru because she would've been stronger. When it comes to how Mirakuru works, the whole concept of being brought back from the dead by the same thing that killed you just seems kind of odd, but it's fiction so anything goes and we'll see. So many test subjects just died outright from it and did not come back. I have posted before about the difference between Slade and Roy- Slade revived on his own, while Roy was saved by CPR. Might this have something to do with how Roy is definitely mentally troubled but not as completely unhinged as Slade? I wonder if Roy would have come back on his own too if Ollie hadn't intervened, and if that would have made him more psychotic.

    At the end of the last ep, Slade seemed tired and drained. It seemed that in the absence of Roy he had gone ahead and used his own blood to strengthen his army, who were all up and walking around, without any of them not having survived the process as happened to so many past subjects. So there seems to be a dramatic difference in using straight Mirakuru on people and using Mirakuru-laced blood. I guess the sample of Mirakuru that Ollie found and took just happened to be conveniently lying around.

    What exactly happened to Isobel should be a fascinating reveal. Gotta wonder if she just turns up for work like usual the next day at Queen Industries, or if she becomes something much darker than before.
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