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    Default REVIEW: Swamp Thing, #24

    "Swamp Thing" #24 loses a bit of momentum in its Seeder storyline, but there's enough interesting material here from Charles Soule and Andrei Bressan that it's still entertaining.

    Full review here.

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    Is Capucine the first superheroin from Normandy? I like that!

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    Woodrue! Have to say that I didn't expect that. Not the best issue of Soule's run overall, but the main theme - the parliament pitting ST against another challenger - has a lot of potential. Looking forward to what comes next.

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    Fair review, sums up my thoughts.

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    Enjoyed this issue and the run from Soule so far. One of those bright bits of hope that is the DC line. Hopefully they don't crush this like they did the Blue Lantern Corps (that still gets me).


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