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    I have to say I agree with pretty much everything that has been said by the posters here. I have only just finished re-reading Sandman for the first time in years and it is still a stunning piece of work. One of the best stories I have ever encountered anywhere.

    However I do remember when I was younger I found some of it a bit anti-climactic as, like DeSaad said, it doesn't offer traditional cathartic moments. I sometimes found myself left with a bit of a "oh, is that it?" feeling at the end of some of the stories. Looking back now I can see that I just wasn't mature enough to appreciate the way it resolved stories without traditional macho "showdowns" or anything like that. It relies on character and dialogue rather than action, and Gaiman does have his own unique strange dream-logic storytelling that can maybe take a while to get used to. But yes, it is truly a masterpiece but might not be the place to start right away.

    Preacher is great fun, and while it can be gross, puerile, and offensive, it also has brilliant characters and dialogue and is frequently hilarious, while also delivering emotional moments amid the extreme violence. Dillon's art does seem to be a bit of an acquired taste but I'm sure you will be convinced of his brilliance after a few issues. His facial expressions are second to none.

    I would also agree that American Vampire is more straightforward and accessible, but not as good overall. I haven't read Walking Dead but it seems in a similar vein if you'll pardon the pun.

    As far as Hellblazer is concerned I found the original Delano stuff intermittently great but kind of dated and very overwritten most of the time, very purple-prosey. I would recommend starting with Ennis' stuff if you can. The current trade paperback volumes are unfortunately organised as the Ennis run begins in the middle of the Dangerous Habits book, with the first half consisting of the end of Delano's run. Ridiculous!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Billy Batson View Post
    He does seem to use the same type of face often.
    But what a face it is. I can't think of another artist that draws such expressive emotive eyes.

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    Preacher is utterly amazing and from my perspective shouldn't be missed by anyone though yep it's Garth Ennis and religion.

    Sandman completely deserves the hype attached to it being utterly epic, thought provoking, beautiful and endearing even moreso than Watchmen (which was great too.)

    Scratch Hellblazer IMO, sure some of the stories are great but pfft it's a lot of stories with a somewhat cool character than can be enjoyed at any time.

    I read the first issue of American Vampire and definitely didn't find myself hooked, intrigued or even interested.

    Not sure about Walking Dead, maybe if they gave it the colour treatment it would be worth checking out but dude don't miss Preacher or Sandman for anything.
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    Sandman is a Watchmen type of achievement, over and over again, I wish I had Absolute Editions. (The goth look of the characters took me awhile to get use to but that's my problem.) Every kind of story is told in that book. Preacher was way better than I expected. Never an Ennis fan and Going To Texas didn't do it for me, but in the end I love all those characters. Cassady the Vampire, totally reminds me of people I've known. Walking Dead, at least the first eight volumes are stories well told. It was scary and sad. Haven't been interested in reading it again for awhile. Sandman and Preacher are where I would start. Walking Dead is well worth your time. I like John Constantine, but I haven't read a classic Hellblazer run. The Azzarello run was worth it for Corben's art, but that book never hooked me. Read the first trade, hard time?, and the run where he got married.
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    Preacher is good but Ennis's run on Hellblazer was better. I would start there, it gets better with every read.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WaltRunsThingsSon View Post
    Preacher is good but Ennis's run on Hellblazer was better. I would start there, it gets better with every read.
    If I were to go for best of Ennis, I'd skip both until I'd finished Hitman.
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