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    Default REVIEW: Sex Criminals, #1

    Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky don't quite deliver on the humorous romance promised for "Sex Criminals," but instead come up with a solid comic with a heavy indie vibe that promises better things to come.

    Full review here.

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    Pretty good first issue. I enjoyed it much more than I did Fraction's other Image book.

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    Yeah, I was a big fan, though it was a mistake to read it on the subway with people on both sides of me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rick_Grimes View Post
    Pretty good first issue. I enjoyed it much more than I did Fraction's other Image book.
    I agree! I was wary of this book b/c I didn't enjoy Satellite Sam at all, but this one didn't disappoint. Sex Criminals and Rat Queens are both off to a great start.
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    i liked it, too. i'm not an advanced solicitation guy, so the first time i had heard of this was wednesday. i figured, sex? good. crime? good. the decision to bring it home kind of made itself...

    didn't realize it was supposed to be uproariously funny so it didn't bother me that it wasn't. thought it was a solid, quirkly yarn, though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by minusthesnake View Post
    Yeah, I was a big fan, though it was a mistake to read it on the subway with people on both sides of me.
    What? Why would it be mistake to read a comic where a little girl is experience her first orgasm with people right next to you looking over your shoulders? I can't see at all that being a problem.

    But in seriousness, outside of a well developed main character, promising potential, and good art; this comic was problematic. Bad pacing and flow (it jumps all over the place from past to present, then back to past at different points of ages for the main character), weird tonal issues (you try to sell me on a comedy, but you start off right away in complete seriousness, it then feels weird that it suddenly starts to insist there will be humor), and frankly, it is just not funny. Outside of the stall scene that everyone points to, where was the humor in this? I didn't see anything funny and it just came off as being awkward and uncomfortable.

    Perhaps when we actually get to the main premise of this story, then it'll start getting interesting and funny. Otherwise, it comedy that failed at being a comedy, despite whatever good things it did have.

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    I thought this was excellent, the best comic I got last week. I really cannot find even one flaw, I thought the whole thing was just superb. A lot of it reminded me of Scott Pilgrim: the art is a bit similar in style, the sexy, witty, and hip sense of humor, and the characters feeling so genuine and real with such honest emotion. I thought the scripting was pitch-perfect and so was Zdarsky's art. The way he colored the climax / time-spotting sequences was brilliant.

    I think the overall concept is very stupid but the whole thing was executed so damn well. Outstanding writing and art. Fraction is killing it on his Image work now, between this and Satellite Sam.
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    Yeah, concept is... well... dumb. The kind of thing me and some buddies might come up with if we were drunk. The execution, however, was pretty damn great. But hey, it's comics. The concept of just about every title we read is dumb/stupid.

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    Loved it, in sort of a guilty pleasure way. The writing was entertaining and clever from start to finish.

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    The weird concept is what got me to pre-order it and I'm glad I did. It made me chuckle a few times, but I'd still buy it even if it wasn't advertised as a comedy. I dropped Satellite Sam for this, too (I might pick it up in trade form if it runs long).

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    I really have no idea whatsoever how I felt about this book. I dug the art but....yeah, I know I didn't dislike it but did I like it? I'm not sure. I think the issue is that I've never really read a comic like this so my brain is trying to work out whether this is a case of this being something that's just not for me, or whether I'm just experiencing the growing pains of an expanding horizon.

    Funnily enough, Satellite Sam was the last time I felt this way about a book. Hopefully, this book ends up growing on me like that one did. Which I'm optimistic about, since I do think this was very well-written.
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    This was my favorite release last week and it was pretty thick for a $3.50 book
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