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    Default When Words Collide - Sep 24, 2013

    Tim chats with soon-to-be-superstar artist Aaron Kuder about what it's like to write and draw comics and how his upcoming "Superman: Parasite" Villains Month one-shot came to be. Plus, [ii]exclusive[/i] art!

    Full article here.

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    Looking forward to this issue. Kuder's comic gold.
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    I haven't bought a single Villain book nor had I heard of Aaron Kuder before this artcile. Based upon that one preview page alone, I AM SO &^%$ING IN!

    (Damn, Kuder. Just DAMN!)

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    "Everyone has seen Superman fly or punch or save a cat, so it's my job to try and make them "see it" for the first time again."

    That is brilliant perspective.

    Joe DiMaggio was asked about his style of play and he said it's important to play hard every game because somewhere, someone is seeing him for the first time. Aaron Kuder's statement is an extension of that thought. This is why his stock as an artist is skyrocketing. I look forward to his run on Action!

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    Great interview, loved the unabashed honesty @ New 52 continuity on your part, Tim. Based on the perspective and style Kuder has on writing/drawing his characters means I will definitely keep a lookout for future works by him!


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