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    Default Tilting at Windmills - Sep 20, 2013

    This month Brian Hibbs tackles the tricky subject of how to get rid of overstocked books, analyzing the many factors that lead to books not selling and how he stocks his store.

    Full article here.

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    Thank you, Mr. Hibbs. Your column is my favorite part of CBR. I look forward to it every month. As someone who is interested in possibly owning a book/comic store (I know, I can hear the "bad investment" or sarcastic "good luck" replies already) ,hearing about your past and present is fascinating and informative. I have been doing a lot of research into how feasible of an idea my dream really is. If I ever do end up going ahead, I know that the opinions and experiences that you have shared will be a great help. Even if I don't open a store, you still write an extremely interesting and informative column. Thank you very much, and best of luck... If I ever find my way to San Francisco, your store will be one of my first stops!


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